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What Towns Are around McCall Idaho?

Mccall Idaho is 2.5 hours North of Boise,  surrounds the Payette Lake, and is located close to two ski resorts.


The towns of Cascade and Donnelly.  Cascade Idaho is 1-1.5 hours north of Boise, and is most known for Cascade Lake. Cascade has several reservoirs and opportunity to have waterfront property with mountain views.  While Donnelly is 1.5-2 hours north.  Donnelly is most known for hosting Tamarack Ski Resort and is also located on part of Lake Cascade.


to the west on the other side of Brundage Ski resort is the town of New Meadows.  New Meadows  has streams and valleys and great mountain views.  New Meadows has a small downtown with all the necessities and the town continues to grow. New Meadows is also popular for the Meadow Creek Golf Course. and Zims Hot Springs


To get to the northern town you have to drive more North west, it appears that there are just large hills and mountains divided by a highway, but as you exit the road and drive around there are several homes and neighborhoods tucked away in Riggins.  Riggins is a popular fishing spot on the salmon river, and one of the entrances to Hells Canyon.


Yellowpine is to the east of McCall, and just large a mountain range, Yellowpine is a backcountry area meaning the roads to not get plowed in the winter, and power usually comes from a generator or propane.


So if you’re looking for what towns are around McCall, Idaho.  Check out the towns that are enlarged in the text – if your visiting and searching for a place to stay Cascade and Donnelly are the best bet for additional lodging.


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