Uncategorized October 19, 2022

New Short Term Rental Rules in McCall Idaho

New Short Term Rental Rules in the City of  McCall, Idaho

New Changes-  1) a Rental license needs to be renewed every year. Current cost is $225 as of JAN 2023

2) If your place sleeps over 10 people you will need a Conditional Use permit , cost is $3,600 and is a one time fee that is

transferable to new owners.

Steps to take – Call the McCall fire district and get your unit inspected to make sure you can get your permit by Jan 1 2023.   If your unit does not pass, make changes to pass the inspection and get your rental permit.

The McCall Fire district is looking to see if people will be able to safely exit a room in case of an emergency, they will be checking for adequate fire extinguishers, and how many total your home sleeps.

Here is the link to the City of McCall website detailing the changes.



Check out my short on you tube detailing the new rental rules in McCall, Idaho.